About us

We have come together as a group of talented artists that happened to meet by chance. We met while working together and came to find that the three of us had many of the same interests. As time went on, we all came to the conclusion that our skills would be put to better use if we got together and let our creative juices flow. So Poor Little Pawns was born........

Tired of being the pawns in the corporate world, this is an outlet for us to build upon each others talents, express our views and interpretations in an artistic way. We are embarking on some unknown territory that is very exciting and edgy.

Follow us as we post our current projects, aspirations and frustrations in this unknown artistic endeavor.


Poor: To be pitied, broke, worthless
Little: Small in stature, of no consequence or limited value
Pawn: A chess piece that is often sacrificed to save other more 'important' pieces, a tool for more powerful authorities