Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daily Dose: Pacific Northwest July 12th, 2011

Seattle, Washington
Greg Kucera gallery- Deborah Butterfield: Seven Bronze Sculptures
June 2nd through July 30th, 2011
Bronze casts of wooden sculptures of horses. Butterfield states she is interested in internal gesture.

Seattle, Washington
Frye Art Museum- Gabriel von Max: Be-trailed Cousins and Phantasms of the Soul
July 9th through October 30th, 2011
This will be the controversial artist's first solo show in the US

Portland, Oregon
Blackfish Gallery- recent graduates: graduate Exposition 2011
July 5th through July30th, 2011
Roughly 30 graduates from local universities will receive their introduction to the Portland art scene.

Portland, Oregon
nw Film Center- The Best of the 2010 Ottawa International Animation festival
July 13th and 14th at 7pm
Screening of some of the nest work to emerge from the renowned festival. (mature audiences)

Eugene, Oregon
The Voyeur- A Silvery Ushering
June 24th through July 23rd, 2011
First solo show for Tilke Elkins. The works are permeated by the natural.

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