Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daily Dose: Pacific Northwest

Today we are featuring Olympia, Washington's State of the Arts. We have to admit the name is whats awesome. It is folk art hung salon style and is kind of overwhelming to see all at once. This is the gallery's statement:

The gallery features over 200 artists works in pottery, jewelry, glass, prints and paintings. Oh WOW, is the most common expression of people coming through the doors for the first time. There is so much to see that you can never take it in all at once. Customers often remark in wonder at the diversity in art forms, styles and talent of our artists. We like to say it is as eclectic as Olympia!

The calendar is a little chaotic but you can figure out roughly what they are showing each month. It looks fun a eccentric so check it out.

Also there will be a black out for about a week, starting this weekend on the site. I know you folks who only see the website wouldn't know it but believe it or not PLP needs a little vacation. Aside from trying to bring you news and developing this whole project we also have real professions, and depending who we are talking about graduate school and young kids. I hope we see you on the other side ok. Hopefully, we can get some planning together to ramp things up a notch!

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